Field Stripping the Yugo AKM: A Comprehensive Guide

Field Stripping the Yugo AKM: A Comprehensive Guide

Posted by Mark A. Taylor - AK Nut on Jan 16th 2024

The Yugo AKM, a robust and reliable firearm, demands occasional maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Field stripping is a crucial aspect of firearm care, allowing you to clean and inspect essential components. Follow this comprehensive guide to field strip your Yugo AKM effectively.

Why bother? Some may ask.. Regular field stripping and maintenance help prevent malfunctions, ensure smoother operation, and extend the life of your Yugo AKM and protect your investment for generations to come. It's like giving your firearm a spa day – a little TLC goes a long way.

Step by step let’s break it down:

1. Safety First: Always adhere to firearm safety rules. Ensure the weapon is unloaded, and the magazine is removed. Keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction.

2. Gather Tools: You'll need basic tools like a cleaning rod, flathead screwdriver, punch tool, cleaning kit, and a workspace with adequate lighting.

3. Remove the Magazine: Press the magazine release button to detach the magazine. Confirm the chamber is empty by pulling back the charging handle and checking visually and physically.

4. Clear the Chamber: Pull the charging handle to the rear and lock it in place using the safety selector lever. Visually inspect and physically ensure the chamber is clear.

5. Disassemble the Gas Tube: Rotate the lever on the gas tube retaining pin upward and push it through. Remove the gas tube by lifting it away from the rifle.

6. Remove the Dust Cover: Press the button on the rear of the dust cover and lift it off. Be cautious of the recoil spring, which may pop out.

7. Take Out the Recoil Spring: Carefully remove the recoil spring by sliding it out from under the bolt carrier.

8. Extract the Bolt Carrier Group: Push the bolt carrier to the rear, lift it slightly, and then pull it forward, guiding it out of the receiver.

9. Separate the Bolt and Carrier: Rotate the bolt's retaining pin to the unlocked position and slide the bolt out of the carrier.

10. Field Strip the Gas Piston: Push the gas piston toward the gas block and lift it out. Ensure you keep track of the piston's orientation.

11. Clean and Inspect: Thoroughly clean all components using an appropriate solvent and brush. Inspect for wear, corrosion, or damage. Pay special attention to the barrel, bolt, and chamber.

12. Reassemble in Reverse: Start by inserting the cleaned gas piston, then reassemble the bolt and carrier, ensuring proper alignment. Follow with the recoil spring, dust cover, and gas tube.

13. Function Check: After reassembly, perform a function check. Ensure the safety selector works, the bolt locks back, and the trigger functions correctly.

14. Lubricate: Apply a light coat of lubricant, something like CLP, to key components. You can easily find CLP or like kinds of products on Amazon or some of your favorite online retailers (the smaller the biz the better of course!) Be mindful not to over-lubricate, as excess oil can attract debris.

15. Test Fire in a Safe Environment: If possible, take your Yugo AKM to a safe firing range to ensure it functions correctly after reassembly.

This concise guide should help you confidently field strip and maintain your Yugo AKM. Regular cleaning and inspection will ensure the longevity and reliability of your firearm. Remember to refer to the manufacturer's manual for any specific instructions related to your particular model. Also, once again I want to really reiterate safety first. If something feels wrong about the provider or re-assembly, consult a professional. Eventually you’ll be a professional yourself too but until then, work with the community to ensure safe and fun experience.