Romanian Balkans War AK Bayonet

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Romanian Balkans War AK Bayonet

Own a piece of history with one of these battlefield pick up bayonets.  These were produced in Romania and used in the Balkans war of the 1990s.  These Bayonets have seen combat and show it.  Soldiers have carved into the handles of some, and written in ink on the rubber insulators of others.  Since these bayonets have been to war please be prepared to see dings, dents, scratches, dirt, grime, soldier art or graffiti, and other signs of use and abuse such as the possibility of chipped blades or bakelite.  What you are guaranteed is one piece of Balkan war history in the form of a bayonet and scabbard.  Due to the nature of this product we will NOT hand pick these or take returns!  Please do NOT buy this expecting a bayonet in excellent condition.  Unit price is for (1) Bayonet. 


**Pictures are to show varied condition and examples of "solder art or graffiti"**

**Not every bayonet has art/graffiti but all have history**

**Some Bayonets do not have Rubber insulators**

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    Good Stuff

    Posted by CALEB on Oct 12th 2018

    They were in great shape, have character, and this guy always ships your stuff fast.

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    Posted by Toby on Jul 20th 2018

    A little rougher than I thought but still a damn cool knife.

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    War bayonet

    Posted by Jacob Galt on Jul 14th 2018

    The sheath looks like it was used as a hammer, the saw on the back was beat to shit, the bakelite was all spotted, and it came with no insulator. But the blade itself wasn't chipped. Overall happy with my purchase, I bought a bfpu, I expected heavy use.

    It has character and that's why it was purchased, disappointed that mine lacked graffiti, but that's part of the gamble.

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    Balkan War AK Bayonet

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 14th 2018

    Great deal on this bayonet, sadly mine did not have much in the way of soldier art, but it was complete and in decent condition. Metal components are great and all functional, mine had the rubber insulator and all. Tested wire cutters and they work great, also set it on an electric fence and the insulator means you could cut one of those without issue either. Took a little fitment to fit an Bulgarian AK-74 but it fits and works great!

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    AK Balkans war bayonet

    Posted by Josh on Jul 12th 2018

    They are def worn and show heavy use. They have nice character and will only increase in value as the years go by. I plan on holding on to them and passing them on to my grandkids and using the knife for random stuff at my workstation.

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    Posted by Alex on Jul 11th 2018

    I received two bayonets, one came with the rubber insulator the other did not. Obviously soaked in cosmoline and heavy wear on the saw back of one . All in all a quality deal would recommend

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    Great buy.

    Posted by Ian S. on Jul 11th 2018

    Bought this on a lark, expected something in terrible condition or completed encased in cosmo. Pleasantly surprised that the bayonet I obtained was in pretty good condition. Icing on the cake was the rubber insulator had the name "DANY" graffiti'd onto it. My middle name, and my late Grandfather's name is Daniel. Thought that was pretty cool. Ordered a 2nd one just because.

    Thanks a lot AK-Options 10/10 in my book!

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    Cool knife!

    Posted by Andrew on Jul 10th 2018

    Mine looks most like the one on the left. Didn't have the insulator, which is a little sad, but I was warned. It's a cool piece of history. Was pretty dirty but cleaned up nice. Blade was predictably dull and had some chips. If you get one, be aware that you can clean the scabbard a lot more easily by removing the retainer clip. It has a bit you can push through and then pull it put pretty easily. Then I took a pistol cleaning rod and a brush and then ran a bunch of small patches until it was clean enough.

    It's not exactly a new product, but that's not what you were buying. Seller is upfront about what you're getting, so I think I can give 5*. If I was actually rating the product? Lower. But you're buying history here more than a knife I can rate normally.

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    Great Surplus Bayonets

    Posted by Ash C on Jul 10th 2018

    I've bought bayonets from AKOptions previously and been happy with my purchase. I bought two of these Balkan battle worn bayos. First one was a little rough, nicks in the blade, point was broken and scabbard was full of rust and dirt but it cleaned up nicely.

    Second was was in awesome condition, bakerlite handle looks almost new. Rubber guard has writing all over it from the armory. Really cool item.

    I'm happy with both of them! I'll definitely buy more stuff from you guys in the future.